AI ad writer: Is it helpful?

AI ad writer

What is an AI ad writer?

You may have noticed a lot of ads on your social media timelines or when you are watching TV. These ads may be filled with text or images, the aim being to make you interested in the product or service that they are selling. You may have noticed that some of these ads offer ‘find this cheaper’. However, you can generally tell the genuine ones. They are written well and they draw you in. They make you think that they need your business. How do they do this?

Obviously, they have worked hard at writing the ad, but this article is about what the ad writer is, what they do, and how they can write ads that are so good that you wonder why you haven’t used them before.

What is ad writing?

The way that I am writing this article, I imagine that in most people’s minds, the answer to what a copywriter is is “someone who writes advertisements.” However, when I put it that way, it begins to lose meaning. So, what is an ad writer?

An article by Forbes says that ad writing is the process of writing copy that is used in an advertisement. This is what you know. However, this definition loses some of the key nuances of what makes a good ad writer.

The definition that I suggest is someone who writes copy for an advertisement but knows how to bring the best of the ad writing practices to the table and create advertisements that resonate with your target audience. They know how to craft copy that stands out and makes people sit up and take notice. And an AI ad creator can help you.

What is an AI ad creator?

AI ad creator helps you to create your own ad. A good AI ad writer can help you create an effective ad campaign that will reach your target audience and generate results. AI ad writers know how to craft headlines, copy, and calls to action that will grab attention and get people to take action.

Ad writing versus ad copywriting:

On the face of it, ad writing and copywriting would appear to be the same thing, no? right? Wrong.

If an ad writer reads an article that 8 out of 10 people enjoyed and feels that they can bring a certain perspective to this piece, perhaps pointing out the points that were glossed over or that the average reader might not have considered, the AI ad writer writes an ad based on the article. They then send it to the advertiser and the client. The advertiser approves the ad. The copywriter puts their own “spin” on the ad and gives it their own personality. Then it is published and sent out to millions of readers!

As you can see, it is a lot more complex than this. However, it is definitely the job of the ad writer.

How to find yourself an ad writer

If you want to find an ad writer, I suggest you look at your own social media channels. I have reached out to a number of ad writers through social media and they have all responded.

If you don’t have social media channels, then you can always go to sites like Upwork, where you can post your job description for your ad writing requirements, and when an ad writer responds, you know they are the right one for the job.

I have also found a lot of good writers through blogs like Mediatel and Mediapost.

You can also often find writers on social media if you follow SEO-related pages, such as Moz.

Now you know what ad writing is, how to find someone to write it for you, and how to spot the good ones. I hope this helps!

Can AI ad writer produce a quality advertisement that you can use in your business?

When I first started working as an IA, I had the task of creating advertising material for businesses. The companies advertising were of varying sizes, ranging from individual franchise owners to multinational companies. The message needed to be succinct, to the point, and, above all else, interesting. The difficulty was that we had to be relevant and at the same time be exciting.

Having worked with many different clients and working on many different campaigns, I have come up with 3 of the most common mistakes that we see our clients make when trying to produce compelling advertisements.

The call to action

One of the more important factors you need to take into consideration when creating an advertisement is a call to action. This is probably the simplest and most important aspect of an advertisement. Your message should simply ask the viewer to take action (i.e., call, visit, etc.). Make it clear, concise, clear, simple. If the viewer does not understand, does not know what to do, is confused, they are not going to take action.

The call to action should be obvious and aligned with the brand. This may seem like an obvious point. However, clients often forget this. Sometimes clients come to us and say that they want an advert because they like a particular message. Many times this is expressed in a more general way, “I want an ad that says something.” A brand is all about a clear message and simplicity. Once the brand is clear, you have to start making more specific choices. Make a key decision early. Decide on your message, your tone, your call to action, etc. Then put your message into words.


Targeting is a difficult one. You have to make sure that you have an audience in mind. Is this an ad for a local business or an international company? Try to be specific. What age group is this for? What are their interests?

Remember that many small businesses are very localized. For example, if you were advertising a local business, it should be in the local paper, not a national one. Targeting is about being as specific as possible.

The message

It is all well and good to have an interesting message. However, you have to make sure you can be as specific as possible.

For example, if you are advertising a national franchise and the ad promotes something specific that the business can offer, make sure you get the message exactly right. You will have a better chance of promoting that franchise if it is clear exactly what they can offer and in which location.

I am not trying to say that a client should take the approach of trying to cover every single aspect. For example, if we were to promote a mobile phone, I wouldn’t try to make an advertisement saying that this phone has 32 GB of internal storage, for example. That would be a bit overkill. However, I think you could cover the core features in a way that is clear and simple.

Having a brand

Finally, I think having a brand is very important. If your brand is confusing and your clients cannot remember you, or if you are confused about your brand, then there is a big problem. You need to think about what kind of identity you want to create.

Take the word “the”. Before being a business, we were called “The Traffic Club.” However, we had become known as “The Traveling Traffic Club”. This was a much better brand. It gave us a clear message and allowed us to be more specific. People know what “the” stands for. However, “The Traveling Traffic Club” tells them exactly what we can offer them.

However, before you start a blog or start an Instagram account, you need to make sure that you have a brand that fits into your identity. Your blog should be about keeping in touch with customers and providing them with useful information. Your Instagram account should be a way to keep your customers up to date and show off your work. Your brand should tell your customers exactly what you offer them.

How can you achieve these goals?

There are many ways of achieving these goals. Having a consistent brand identity is very hard. But, it can be achieved with some time and effort.

For blogs, make sure you maintain a content schedule. Maybe one day a week you write a blog post. Then you create consistent images to accompany your posts. Images have to be unique to your posts so that they stand out from the other posts.

Most AI copywriting tools offers free trial so you can try on how they generate content. AI writer generator can also rewrite paragraphs. AI content generator can generate long-form product descriptions using keywords to help content writers generate copies of an outline and optimize. Content creation and SEO helps marketer in content writing in generating caption for their landing page and prevents negative ad copy.