AI based article writer

AI based article writer

This article was originally posted on Reddit’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics subreddit as an introduction to the subject. Although the advice is given above still applies and has many followers on Reddit, I have decided to convert the article into a post for my own knowledge. I have since used some of the ideas from this article as part of an action learning project in which I will be writing an article.

What is AI based article writer?

Artificial intelligence (AI) article writer is a software that basically takes in the content of a webpage and then creates articles and posts them for you, effectively creating backlinks for you. In 2013, it was discovered that a company called Quill was able to automate parts of article writing. They create a database of content from which articles are written in under 40 minutes.

What are “AI” and “Robots”?

AI stands for artificial intelligence and robots are also referred to this way. Many people use the word AI incorrectly. AI is not a program that runs on your computer. It is not a computer program that is constantly being updated. AI is actually the most advanced form of machine learning and can take information from several sources and even extrapolate upon it.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the process of making a machine do complex tasks based on a series of training. An example of this would be; teaching a dog how to bark at mailmen and attack them in an aggressive manner. It has been shown in practice that dogs are not only capable of making the split-second decision but when faced with new information are able to adapt and change their behavior based on this.

AI article writer is artificial intelligence. It is a machine that is able to learn and adapt based on the training it receives. It is part of the overall machine learning picture. The software is given an initial database to work from and the information in the database is used to make decisions and interpret the data that is given to it.

How does AI article writer work?

The software that AI based article writer uses is called Natural Language Processing and is used to create the articles. NLP is used to convert raw data into data that is useful. The raw data in this case is text in the form of speech, for example, the sentences on your webpage. The processing consists of several steps.

Firstly, the speaker is tagged and spoken to and then the text data is analyzed for relevant keywords. Using the keywords, keywords are added to the article. During the process, the machine also checks to see if more keywords are needed or if the article has been done better with the existing ones.

Following this, the article is broken down into smaller sentences. These are then added and the process is repeated. Depending on the complexity of the website the process may stop here, however, for the simpler sites article writer will continue to break down the sentences and paragraphs.

In the end, the article is broken down into smaller sentences and words, which are then added, based on the page titles. The article is written in a way that it flows naturally and feels less like a robot is writing it.

Is AI article writer effective?

The software is always being improved and has developed over the years. The ability to write naturally was developed over time through advances in Natural Language Processing. As Natural Language Processing has advanced, so has AI article writer. Articles written for 2013 and 2014 have since been found to be less effective than the newer versions. The reason for this is that newer versions are faster and more robust.

Advantages of AI article writer

AI article writer is a practical method of writing content that is optimized for SEO. Being able to create an article very quickly means that you are not limited by the time you spend writing content. This results in high quality articles being published frequently on your site.

AI based article writer has all the advantages of a human writer. This means that the article is written in a way that fits with the tone and style of your website. The articles are also monitored for grammatical errors and contextual errors. These errors can be corrected or removed during the editing process.

AI article writer is completely automated. This means there is no need to pay someone to edit the articles after they have been produced. This saves you money as you are only paying for the articles being produced. Google is currently testing a new feature that will show snippets of text in the search results, depending on what web page users are currently reading. According to a report from TechCrunch, this is a test version of a new “smart” search bar that would provide relevant search results while users are still on a website. The company is said to have already begun informing some users about the new feature, which can be accessed by hitting the “cog” icon on Google’s search bar.

A well-written article is one of the most attractive features of any website. If your website has a lot of articles then it gives a good impression to your visitors. People usually say that content is the king, therefore you should be content with your articles being excellent. There are many excellent tools available to create attractive articles. So why would you use AI based article writer.

There are several reasons why you might want to use ai article writer.

  • It might be difficult for you to write a number of articles on a regular basis
  • Not all writing tools work equally well for everyone
  • It might be difficult for you to be creative

You can solve all these problems by hiring an article writer. You can easily get a writer for your website from the internet. So, why would you want to use ai article writer?

Why should you not use ai article writer?

  • You may not like what you get
  • You might choose the wrong person to write the article
  • You may get an article filled with grammatical mistakes
  • You might waste a lot of money by hiring an article writer
  • You may go broke hiring a writer

Most of the reasons above can be easily solved. You can hire a writer from This is a site that advertises itself as an online market place where anyone can post services for people to buy.

You just have to register on and request a writer. Just provide the writer with a topic and sample article. If the article writer likes the sample article then they can continue working on the project. The cost of hiring a writer depends on several factors. You can request 10 articles for $10. This is an easy way to test the writer or you can get a large amount from him. You can also ask for revisions.

A writer can be male or female. You can pay the writer through PayPal. You can also give the writer direct instructions in the job. Just make sure that the person who has written the article is agreeable with it.

Why should you hire a freelance writer?

You do not necessarily have to pay a lot to get the article written. Most of the freelancers are professional. They will work hard to deliver what you want.

A freelancer can take less time to write an article than you can write. Your article may also not be perfect. The freelancer will write it exactly the way you want.

You do not have to worry about how to write it. You can give the article writer a sample article, tell him what you need and he can write it accordingly.

You can even hire a female freelancer if you like.

You get an original article. The freelancer will write it as he wants. There is no chance of article duplication.

You get an article that is full of relevant keywords. The freelancer will do all the research that is needed to write the article. He will make sure that your article is full of the keywords that are relevant to your business.

So, why use ai article writer?

You can spend a little bit to get a great article. You only need to request the writer for 10 articles. You can give him the topic and he will write the article exactly the way you want. There are many freelancers on Each freelancer may have a different writing style. You can easily check the writing style of each freelancer. You can decide if you want to work with the writer.

It is not expensive to hire an article writer on You can even hire a woman freelancer if you like. That is why you can use ai article writer.