Best AI tools for content writing

Best AI tools for content writing

Best AI tools for content writing

When you create content for your eCommerce site, you need to think about what is best for both your customers and Google. Keywords and content go hand in hand but how can you make sure your content gets noticed on search engines and ranks high? When creating content or writing blog posts or article for your eCommerce site, you need to implement AI tools for content writing.

Google determines content based on AI

While Google has always taken into consideration keywords when determining search results, they have also employed AI to help sort results. Google’s ranking factors used to be fairly clear-cut. It was a mathematical formula that determined what content ranked higher.

Since then Google has gotten a lot smarter. Obviously, with all of the effort that Google puts into getting the content correct, they have a lot of knowledge on what users want. Google has taken that knowledge and developed their own algorithm.

An algorithm is basically a set of rules that is able to determine what information is presented and rank them accordingly. Search engines, including Google, use algorithms to make search results more relevant.

AI helps Google understand the search terms

Google has made changes to the way that it chooses the keywords to appear in search results. Previous to this change, users were able to input all sorts of search terms, such as, [best AI tools for content writing], into the Google search bar. The result would be a long list of pages about AI tools that may or may not have anything to do with content writing. This is no longer the case.

Google uses AI to find related search terms

Google now has AI software, called RankBrain, that is able to analyze the search terms entered. AI software, such as RankBrain, are able to learn what users are looking for, because the AI scans the web, learns where users are going and what pages they are clicking on.

Google’s AI software creates a list of keywords that are related to users’ search terms. Because AI is able to analyze the search terms Google creates a list of related search terms. When users search for a particular keyword, the algorithm will examine the results and determine which keywords are best and what words make the content unique.

This means that SEO tools are necessary, so you can create a content strategy that conforms to the Google algorithms. If you are just starting out building an eCommerce site, you may want to create a detailed list of keywords, so you know what you may want to optimize for.

Use tools to make sure you are meeting Google’s requirements

How do you make sure that your content meets Google’s requirements? A tool like SEMrush allows you to check on what keywords your competition is using. It will help you understand if certain keywords are overused and which keywords are missing from your list. It will also show you how you are doing for SEO and give you ideas on how to improve your content.

Where to find the best tools for content writing

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best AI tool for content writing will vary depending on your needs and preferences. However, some popular AI tools for content writing include Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway Editor.

Most trusted and best AI tools for content writing that you can use

AI has a more different connotation depending on whom you ask. When Google started to sell AI, people were not sure whether to buy. What is AI? According to them, AI is a computer system that is capable of learning and thinking. This either happens on its own or according to the instruction of the programmer.

A lot of the AI programs these days are developed by humans, with AI and algorithms developed by researchers, programmers and engineers. It is a complex system, which involves everything a person can do; from basic movements and awareness to information gathering and interacting with surroundings.

The following links outline some of the best AI websites on the internet that can be trusted for writing quality content, helping users to get the information they seek.

* This is a website that brings out multiple features and articles for audiences to learn about current and happening events, and about scientists, artists, writers, philosophers, inventors, technologists and more. It is an informative website that allows users to get to know many things on today’s date.

*Expert Networks. This is a website that is 100% AI written. It is a business-to-business website that provides a wide range of features ranging from up-to-date news on business and technology, to insights on advancements and advancement.

* This website provides users with research-based science articles and stories. It is a fact-based website, which gives audiences useful information on topics such as evolution, earth science, life science, paleontology, weather, environment, and more.

*Brain Pickings. This website provides audiences with information related to human creativity, art, science, fiction, media, books, and fashion. Users can read articles, stories, interviews and essay pieces about arts, culture, design, craft, publishing, science, music, cinema, photography, performing arts, and architecture.

*Designers-Fan. This website allows users to get information on artists and designers. This AI site is a community of designers, artists and brands, who inspire each other by exchanging comments and inspiration. Users can also submit suggestions, reviews, comments, and stories.

*Lonely Planet. This is an informative website that provides with travel tips, information, and reviews. Users can get advice on flight destinations, flights, hotels, and car rentals, as well as reviews on destinations, cities, and countries. Users can also get in-depth travel coverage on topics like art, cuisine, culture, history, and nightlife.

*Newsweek. This is an interactive website that allows users to watch video interviews, read articles and stories from celebrities, experts, and actors. Users can also submit videos.

* This is a website that provides users with information about cultures, history, and geography. Users can read in-depth stories, reports, articles, and interviews on world cultures, art, history, archaeology, languages, film, music, literature, cinema, philosophy, and religion.

* This is a website that allows users to get in-depth articles and stories on technology and business. Users can also subscribe to their free newsletter and check out their events calendar.

*V Magazine. This is an interactive website that publishes articles about modern creative culture. Users can read articles and stories, watch videos, get interviews and meet artists.

* This is a website that allows users to read news and stories on fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, society, and culture. Users can also get information on fashion designers, movies, entertainment, music, books, and style.

*The Verge. This is a website that provides technology news and reviews. The purpose of The Verge is to provide technology news and reviews.

Advantages of using best AI tools for content writing

Some of the advantages of using AI tools for content writing include:

1. Increased Efficiency

AI tools can help content writers be more efficient in their work. For example, a tool like Quillbot can help rewrite sentences to make them more concise. This can save content writers a lot of time when writing articles or blog posts.

2. Improved Quality

Another advantage of using AI tools for content writing is that they can help improve the quality of your writing. For example, a tool like Grammarly can help you identify and correct grammar mistakes in your writing. This can help ensure that your writing is error-free and of high quality.

3. Greater Creativity

AI tools can also help content writers be more creative in their work. For example, a tool like GPT-3 can generate new ideas for articles or blog posts based on a prompt that you provide. This can give content writers a starting point for creating new and original content.


Google’s AI makes it very difficult for eCommerce sites to build their content without consulting some type of SEO tool. The benefits of using AI tools are obvious, they allow you to implement keywords in your content easily. The harder part is going to be creating content that Google can interpret and rank high.

You can find many tools to use that understand Google’s algorithms and content creation. We have created an AI for content writing tool, called It is very easy to use and allows you to check what keywords Google currently ranks highest for. If you want to create a content strategy that is SEO-friendly, make sure to check it out.