Get paid to write articles online

Get paid to write articles online

Get paid to write articles online

You probably already know how much extra money can be earned by working from home. If you like to write, why not start getting paid to write articles online?

There is a huge demand for articles. There are a number of websites out there which allow you to sign up to become a freelance writer. The website will normally pay a minimum fee per article written. This varies and depends on the workload. Usually, it is possible to make quite a nice little side income if you work hard.

Pay for articles differs between websites. Some charge a flat rate per article. This is obviously fair. Others have a flexible payment system that is based on a keyword search. You apply to find an article and are given a list of keywords and fees you are expected to charge for writing an article about each keyword.

How to get started

To start getting work you normally have to create an account with the website. This generally only requires you to fill out a few details about yourself. You will usually get a link to a personal profile page where you include all your contact details, credentials, and a CV.

As well as creating your profile page, you will also have to create an article directory. This is a page that allows you to list all your articles and a section that specifies how much you are asking for each article.

Pick a niche

Before you start getting work, it is wise to do some research. You want to make sure that there is a demand for articles in the niche you are most interested in.

Is there a popular website out there with a large following? Do a lot of people search for information about this topic? Are there a lot of questions posted online about this topic?

Is there a lot of competition?

Do other websites publish articles on the same topic as you? If yes, then the competition is going to be high. You will probably have a tough time getting your writing featured unless you have been writing about that specific topic for years and have built up a substantial following.

This said it is possible that if you write about a topic that hasn’t been written about much, you may be in a unique position to get noticed.

Use keywords

You have picked a niche for which you determine that there is a demand for articles. The next step is to research the keywords people are using online to find articles about that specific topic.

This is a time-consuming process. You will probably have to have a look at a few different keyword tools as well as do some keyword research on the Google Keyword Tool.

The beauty of doing your research properly is that you will be provided with a list of highly searched keywords and a list of potential fees you are able to charge for your articles. This enables you to work out how much you can charge for an article and write specific content for the article with the keywords in mind.

Write about a topic

Now that you have a list of keywords that you will find in online searches it is time to do some article writing. You find an article on a topic that you are interested in.

First, read it carefully to ensure that it contains all of the information the people who are searching online are looking for. Then copy down the main points the article is making. These are the main points of the article that you can expand on in your writing and will show the article through different interpretations.

Start writing

Now it is time to start writing the article. Write in your own style. Avoid making it too formal, people probably won’t want to read something that you have written.

Include keywords

In your written piece, include keywords in the content naturally. Stay away from stuffing your content with keywords though.

Add images

A good article should include some images, both relevant and irrelevant images. The more relevant and the bigger, the better.

Include links

Including relevant links shows the reader which websites to visit for more information on the topic.

Final steps

Once everything is ready, you are ready to submit the article.

It can take a number of hours or days to get the article approved and published. Be patient. The website reviews every article to make sure that it is in line with the standards and guidelines of the website. If submitted articles don’t pass this check, you may be sent another article to write instead.

Pick a niche

Before you start getting work, it is wise to pick a niche that you are passionate about. This will not only make your work more fun but also help you stay motivated and focused on your career. Choose something that you can talk about and enjoy talking about it. This will also make it easier for you to keep a consistent flow of work. Be consistent In order to be successful in the freelance world, consistency is key. It’s important to build a solid client base by consistently providing quality work. Clients appreciate freelancers who take the time to get to know them and their projects.

Can you get paid to write articles online?

Many people are now looking for ways to make money online. There are many areas where you can get paid, but there are a lot of people looking to get paid for their writing. Writing well is something that comes naturally, but there are still some skills that are needed in order to make money online. Well, I am here to answer that question. The answer is yes. It is possible to get paid by writing articles online. However, there are some risks involved. You do need to have some knowledge of what goes into writing articles, and some knowledge about what search engines are looking for in articles. Let’s discuss some of the risks involved in getting paid to write articles online.

Do you want to get paid to write articles online?

Before you decide to look into writing articles for online money, ask yourself; do you really love to write? If not, then maybe this isn’t the right market for you. There are a lot of websites that pay to write articles, but you might not enjoy it as much as you had hoped. If you have that natural flair for writing, then please keep reading.

Writing for online websites

In order for you to make money, you will need to write articles for online websites. These articles are usually ghostwritten articles, which means they are used under your name. You are hired to write the article, but the author will be listed as the writer for the article. This means that you get paid to write articles online, but you don’t lose any of the credit for the work that you have done. You can still build up your author name that way. However, if you just write articles and put them online without your name attached, then you lose that opportunity to gain more recognition.

Types of websites that pay to write articles

There are several websites that will hire you to write articles. All you need to do is prove to them that you are a capable writer. Here are some of the websites that will hire you to write articles.


Helium is a site that has freelance writers. This is the site I used before I began freelancing. There is a good community of freelance writers. On this site, you can review other articles that they have written and you can bid on an article. When you bid on an article, you are given a word count that is up to you to decide. You are bidding on the article, but you will only write a certain amount of words. When the article is published, it is yours.

The Writer

The Writer is a site where you bid on jobs. When you bid on a job, it is the job’s writer that will bid against you. You will have one chance to write a certain number of words for $5, or $10, or $15. By writing several articles, you can see how well your writing does.


Plinky is another writing site. You bid on jobs that they have. There are many jobs to choose from on Plinky. The jobs range from 250 words up to 750 words. You can choose to do a daily job or a monthly job. There is no minimum bid on Plinky, so if you want to make some money then go for it! Ezine Articles I would like to add another writing site to my list. EzineArticles is a website where you can write about any topic. They have different categories for their articles. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about as long as it’s related to the category you choose. You can even write about your own hobbies and interests.